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You're Greater Than Stigma

Stigma can effect anyone. Help us smash the stigma of mental health and mental illness by wearing your shirt proudly! 

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Did You Know?

Mental Health is a Priority for Everyone

"a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person."

The stigma surrounding mental illness contributes to a lack of treatment for many individuals. You can combat this by championing mental health.
All races and ethnicities are affected by the same rate of mental illness. There is no single group of people more likely than others to have a mental health condition. However, some people have cultural influences that may affect how they interpret symptoms of a mental health condition that could prevent them from getting help. And while the rates are the same, awareness of mental illness in varying minority groups is important to highlight, as these groups often times get overlooked in the potential differences of outcomes in mental illnesses.
While everyone may not suffer from a mental illness in their lifetime, everyone has mental health. Make your mental health a priority.